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If you have an object of interest related to Chinese-Australian history why not suggest it for a write up?

Write about it yourself for a guest contribution or send am image and we’ll see if we can research further.


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  1. Hi Michael.
    Wondering if the bilingual ‘The English and Chinese Advertiser’ makes it into your 88?
    Just came across it following your recent “sources” fb post.

    Pity only 3 or so issues apparently in the records, eg from Trove:

    This paper relates:
    Yewang Wang & Jula Ryder (1999) An ‘Eccentric’ Paper Edited for
    the Unwelcome Aliens, Australian Academic & Research Libraries, 30:4, 300-312, DOI:

    Also Ballarat roots and editor background re here:
    “The Chinese in Ballarat” by Irene Scott

    Cheers, Glenn

    1. Hi Glenn

      Thanks for your suggestion. The answer is yes and no. That specific newspaper isn’t down as an object but No.86 is The Chinese Times masthead which will cover all Chinese language newspapers including the one you mention. By the way, do you know Ely Finch has done a transcription of this newspaper which is on the State Library of Victoria website? Cheers, Michael

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