Media histories

New Stories, Bold Legends

Podcast series by Valerie Khoo

Mirroring the past series (ACIAC)

Introduction (with English transcript)

Before there was Gold (pre-1788 to 1818)

From Convicts to Gold (1818 to 1851)

From Gold to Artisans (1851 to 1881)

Merchants to the Qing (1881 to 1911)

Benjamin Law – ABC two part series

Waltzing the Dragon with Benjamin Law

Greg Grainger – Travel OZ (in three parts)

Chinese Milestones in NSW

Chinese Milestones in Victoria

Chinese Milestones in Queensland

China Plus series by Sana Wai Shan Fong

Chinese Australian history EP1: The museum passing on Chinese history & culture in Bendigo

Chinese Australian history EP2: The shift of Chinese professions, now and then

Chinese Australian history EP3: The changing face of Sydney’s Chinatown

Poison of Polygamy – the first novel of Chinese Australia

Buy it – Sydney University Press

Dr Shirley Fitzgerald speaks about it

Ely Finch the translator writes about it

Wong Shee Ping is the author

The descendants speak

The First Chinese-Australian Barrister

William Ah Ket

The Dictation Test

ABC Radio National

ABC Radio National again

An interview with King Fong