Database of Chinese Australian material heritage

An amazing amount of material related to Chinese Australian history is scattered around local museums and in private hands. Due to the “whitewashing” of Australian history much is misinterpreted or seen as an “exotic” element in Australian history.

Issues to consider

Mapping: What is out there in private or public hands?

Interpretation: Is it adequately labelled? Do the owners know what they have?

Translation: This relates specifically to where Chinese writing is present. Is it adequately translated if at all?

Context: Random “Chinese” items without some historical context just appear as exotic objects rather than inherent elements of Australian history.

Practical: What can or should be done about it?

Preliminary database

New South WalesVictoriaQueenslandNorthern TerritoryWest AustraliaTasmania – South Australia – Canberra

Temples – Headstones – Objects – Documents – Intact Buildings – Memorials – District Societies – Masonic – Other

Mis-labeled items

Private collections

Please add suggestions in the comment box below (location, contact if any – the more information the better. Or email directly)

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