Publications in 2024


Gordon Grimwade, A Grave Situation: Burial Practices among the Chinese Diaspora in Queensland, Australia (ca.1870–1930). International Journal of Historical Archaeology, 28, 295–329 (2024).

González, F. (2024). The Chee Kung Tong: a voluntary sworn brotherhood across the Cantonese world. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 1–20.

Kuo, M. F. (2024). “Girls doing a big job” in diaspora: cosmopolitan minority and making modern Chinese women associations in white Australia. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 1–23.

History Australia special Chinese Australian history issue:

‘Ruptured Histories: Australia, China, Japan’, 

Included are: 

Nathan Gardner, ‘Histories of Chinese and Japanese residents challenging the White Australia Policy, 1945–1960: making the ordinary extraordinary’ 

Sarah May Comley, ‘Collaborative famine relief: Chinese and British responses to the North China Famine from Melbourne, Victoria’.

Tess Gardner, ‘“Our friends the Chinese”: Australian advisers and images of China in the world wars’

Fangcheng ‘Frank’ Yuan, ‘Strictly unofficial business: Australia’s trade policy towards the People’s Republic of China, 1951 to 1966’

Cindy Zhu, ‘Celebrating Lunar New Year in modern Australia’