Useful sites


Chinese Australian Historical Images in Australia

Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation Project

Records about Chinese Australians in the National Archives

Oral history

National Library of Australia

Australia-China oral history project

Chinese Australian Oral History Partnership


Fred Wong

Arthur Gar-lock Chang


Museum of Chinese Australian History (Melbourne)

Families of Fortune – Migration Heritage NSW

Wing Hing Long & Co – Chinese Australian Rural General Store 1881-1998

Golden Dragon Museum (Bendigo, Victoria)

Gum San Chinese Heritage Centre (Ararat, Victoria)

1870 Wong Shop Wagon

Museum Victoria – Chinese Australian Collection

Culture Victoria – Chinese Australian Families

Community organsations

Chinese Heritage Association of Australia (Sydney)

Cairns and District Chinese Association Inc (CADCAI) (Northern Queensland)

“Harvest of Endurance” Chinese-Australian History Scroll

Chinese Australian Family Historians of Victoria

Chinese Heritage in Northern Australia (CHINA Inc)


Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies

Tigers Mouth – Thoughs of the history and heritage of Chinese Australia

Tracking the Dragon – A guide for finding and assessing Chinese Australian heritage places (Australian Heritage Commission)  [Deleted by Dept of Environment but fortunately preserved by Trove]]

Chinese-Australian History Collection Online (Kuo Ming Tang, Melbourne)

Chinese Immigrants and Chinese Australians in NSW (National Archive Guide)

Chinese–Australian Journeys: Records on Travel, Migration, and Settlement, 1860–1975

Invisible Australians – Living under the White Australia Policy

Would not this help your Federation – an overview of the White Australia files

Tracking the Dragon – A History of the Chinese in the Riverina

Glossary of Chinese Terms (English and Chinese characters)

Papers on Chinese-Australian History at Academia

Dragon Tails Conferences

Coloured Colonials

Sources for Chinese-Australian history – NSW

Translations China and Australia seminar

Newspapers – Chinese language

Index to the Tung Wah Newspaper

The Chinese Times – on Trove

The Chinese Australian Herald – on Trove

Chinese-language Australian newspapers – overview

The Chinese Australian Herald and the Shaping of a Modern ‘Imagined’ Chinese Community in 1890s Colonial Sydney by Mei-Fen Kuo

Beyond Australia

Chinese in Northwest America Research Committee

Him Mark Lai Digital Database

Foreign Mission of the New Zealand Presbyterian Church

The Chinese in Samoa

New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre

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