Chinese Australian History

The Chronology – Before 1949 & After 1949

A thematic approach:

MigrationAgricultureMiningLabourCommerceLeisureIndividualsWomenSocial Institutions – Students – Law&Order

Online Lectures: Chinese Australian history – a 7 part series

Other overviews

Chinese – Shirley Fitzgerald

Sojourn in Your Native Land – Michael Williams

Media Histories

Useful sites

Reading suggestions

Bibliographies – thematic and general

Sources – the Chinese voice

Researching your Chinese Australian Family History

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  1. Hi Glenn

    Thanks for your suggestion. The answer is yes and no. That specific newspaper isn’t down as an object but No.86 is The Chinese Times masthead which will cover all Chinese language newspapers including the one you mention. By the way, do you know Ely Finch has done a transcription of this newspaper which is on the State Library of Victoria website? Cheers, Michael

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