Tasmanian 8

Chinese-Tasmanian history in 8 objects  

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History can and should be approached in many ways and for many a good way is through the tangible and the visual. This presentation of Chinese-Tasmanian history in 8 objects is designed as one such approach and as a taste of more to come. This is also part of on-going research to better convey the depth and diversity of Chinese-Australian history in Tasmania and ultimately all the states and regions of Australia.

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Hawkers yoke used on the tin fields
Wing & Co – Hobart
Site of former market garden – Launceston
Guan Di – temple deity Launceston (Photograph courtesy QVMAG Launceston)
Continuity and change – North Hobart
Chinese community gravestone – Weldborough
Contemporary Chinese-Australia
Tourist marker in North-East Tasmania