Contemporary Chinese-Australia

Historians, whether of Chinese-Australia or of any other field, have a natural tendency to view history as a rather distant place. It is easy to forget that the past begins only a minute ago and that Chinese-Australian history and of course Chinese-Tasmanian history is with us now.

People have come to Tasmania from China since at least 1830 when nine carpenters arrived and at least six Chinese men were transported as convicts from Hong Kong in 1844. After that some came for gold and many more for tin, as well as to trade, as merchants and later laundrymen, market gardeners, and other occupations right throughout the twentieth century. In the twenty-first century Chinese people, from China and elsewhere, continue to arrive in Tasmania to mix with both Chinese-Tasmanians of many generations as well as with Tasmanians of all origins.

The Hobart Chinese Community Association of Tasmania does today what district and other associations did in past times. That is, helping to organise community events, fundraising for various causes and generally keeping those who regard themselves as part of Tasmanian’s Chinese community feeling a part of that community.

Chinese-Tasmania – Historical Overview