Chinese Youth League

According to the Chinese Youth League itself:

The Chinese Youth League (CYL) was first established as the Sydney Chinese Youth Drama Association on 1 July 1939. It was formed by a group of patriotic Australian Chinese Youth gathering regularly in the Shanghai Cafe on Campbell Street, Sydney. Three years later, the name was officially changed to the Chinese Youth League in August 1942. Today it is one of the oldest Chinese Community Organisations in existence in Australia.

Beginning its association with the then governing party in China – the Kuomintang or Nationalist Party – after 1949 the CYL supported the new government of China under the new dominant party – the Chinese Communist Party. The refusal of the Australian government to recognise this new government until 1972 and the politics of the Cold War meant that the membership of CYL was suspect and continually under ASIO observation.

Headquartered still in Dixon St, Haymarket, though now further north, the Chinese Youth League offers courses in Lion Dancing and martial arts, hosts a Cantonese Opera troupe as well as other cultural activities.

For more on the Chinese Youth League see the online lecture:

A History of the Chinese Youth League in Australia from its inception until the Liberation of China in 1949 by Dr Drew Cottle