Ashfield in 8 objects

Ashfield is an old Sydney suburb which clearly demonstrates the breathe and depth of Chinese Australian history. Literature and business, temples and opera are just some of the clues provided by this Ashfield 8.

  • Ah Wong meets Mary Poppins
  • Quong Tart’s head
  • The corner shop
  • Temple in a Masonic Hall
  • Chinese opera upstairs
  • Milton House wedding
  • A Chinese English phrase book
  • Alien registration shop
P. L. Travers, author of Mary Poppins lived for many years in Ashfield and before that Queensland where she possibly met her “Ah Wong”.
Moy Quong Tart (梅光達), a long time Ashfield Resident
Now: Nepalese Supermarket – 1950s: William Young with daughters Veronica (Merle) and Carol, Charlotte st, Ashfield shop
Chinese Temple – Previously a Masonic Temple, Liverpool Rd.
Cantonese Opera, Liverpool Road Ashfield.
Milton House – now a boarding house – once the home of a wealthy Chinese Australian family.
Chinese English Phrase book – gift of Quong Tart
Summer Hill electronics store – once a backroom shop for forging alien registration cards.